My Name was Supposed to be Elizabeth Ann

— Stories from the Roads (Not) Taken

The first week of StoryADay September was also the first week of the new school year, so I knew going in I would have to create a workable daily schedule that would not only include writing time but prioritize it.

First off, a confession–I did NOT write to the prompt every day. Some days, I did not write an entire story draft. September is crazy busy for me, so I built those parameters into my challenge plan.

I did, however, write for at least an hour Every. Single.  Day. 


By planning. 

Because I am more creative and alert in the mornings, each night before I prepped for the next day. You know the drill. Meals and other Working Mom miscellany, including Delay Brew on my good friend Mr. Coffee. I checked off my day’s writing goals, then wrote my next day’s list. I set my writing planner and laptop at my spot, and set my alarm an hour earlier than required.

And then I got up each day and I wrote. Ugly sentences, confusing paragraphs. Bullets, questions, and ALL CAPS NOTES FOR TOMORROW. And then during each day, my brain would pick them up and polish them, or pick them up and toss them in the trash. And some days when I went for a walk or made dinner, my brain would poke and prod then yell, Stop what you’re doing and write this down RIGHT NOW. And I would. Because my brain can be very bossy.

And because sometimes I don’t mind being told what to do, I also learned that I can WRITE ON MY PHONE. I don’t mean text or email, though I can do that too. I mean open my Google drive, open my doc, and write. Not quickly–I’m envious of those who can–but real writing on a WIP (a work-in-progress). And let me tell you, this is an incredible life hack. Almost as incredible as coffee. 

So a good week, all in all. 

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